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Welcome to the website of Al-Noor Exports, as a group we are one of the oldest and largest exporters of frozen buffalo meat in the world. Within this website we endeavor to inform you our companies origin, its activities and its mission.

Al-Noor Exports, established in 1992, has its brands spread across more than 35 countries. Al- Noor Exports has also been awarded the bronze award by A.P.E.D.A. (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) for the fourth largest export in the industry.

We as a group have been processing and exporting quality frozen meat from our two modern processing units in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh(Plant No. 7) and Mumbai, Maharashtra(Plant No. 35) since more than three decades. These plants have been approved by A.P.E.D.A. since the day of their establishment.

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Efficiency is our Code Word

A few statements from our reputed buyers

“ AL NOOR is truly an International meat company which delivers as agreed as per contracts, in good and bad times ! It is a company on which you can rely in this volatile market environment. ”

Trader, China.

“ AL NOOR is one of our most valued partners worldwide. Quality and efficiency hold true to every aspect of our transaction over the many years of our business relationship. ”

Meat & Poultry Trader, USA.

“ Very positive experience and good collaboration. This is what we call having a good and reliable partner.
AL NOOR Products enjoy Good reputation and have consistent quality Very reactive team, always available and ready to help. ”

Trader, Europe.

“ Very good products, honest & staright forward in their dealings. Always timely shipments with consistent quality.
AL NOOR products command a premium in our markets. ”

Trader, West Africa.


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